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Refund Policy

A refund of the Registration Fees for the resources and live assistance provided at this site by US Postal Jobs is guaranteed to be provided for either of these conditions:

There are two conditions upon which refunds are provided.

  1. Registration Fees are refunded if the candidate takes, but does NOT pass the required Postal Exam.
  2. Registration Fees are refunded if the candidate is interviewed and is not offered a job.

For those who do not pass the postal exam, a copy of the failing score must be provided.

For those who are not offered a job on their first interview, a copy of the invitation to the interview must be provided, along with a signature from the official conducting the interview.

Email us at : support@usajobsassist.com for Refund Request.

You should receive your full refund within 5-6 business days. This prompt response time is provided to eliminate the often excessive delays in receiving refund credit from credit card companies and the possible negative effects on your relationship with them. For those who have forgotten our refund policy after taking their test and file an unnecessary dispute with their credit card company, these are almost always reversed in favor of US Postal Jobs, so it ends up being a complete waste of time and effort for the cardholder, as one phone call to our support line, regardless of reason, could have easily provided the refund desired since we are extremely flexible in this area.

Customers who have completed all the required steps within the program and find that there have been no available jobs within 40 miles of their residence after 120 days of registering for the service can qualify for a partial refund.

We encourage these customers to contact support to discuss the matter. DO NOT file a dispute directly with a credit card company, it will not be worth the headaches. If filed, US Postal Jobs will immediately suspend the account, and all access records will be passed on to processing bank. The customer accounts in dispute will remain suspended even if the dispute is considered invalid. Our program of guidance, coaching and live assistance is designed to help candidates get hired and start their postal careers in the shortest amount of time. There is never a need to deal with credit card companies with US Postal Jobs. We make refunds easy.
Applicants are not eligible for a refund after 120 days of registering.


For more details on our program, refer to the Terms and Conditions at this site.

Our customer service agents are available Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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