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MODULE 3: USPS eCareers Profile Preparation


Now that you are ready for the exam, it’s time to connect with the USPS and get the job application process started. The first step is registering and setting up your eCarrers Profile.

Before we connect you to the USPS website let’s get you prepared.

To help you be ready we will cover two sections, Work Experience and Education/Training, so you can have the information ready.

Work Experience Preparation

Before opening the USPS site to register, review your work history for the past five years. This is the information you will need to complete this section:

  • What jobs you have held in the last five years. This period covers the current month and year and goes back five years to the same month. So, if today’s date is January 12, 2022, you must report from January 2017 to January 2022:
  • For each employer in those past five years, you will need to supply:
    • Start Date and End Date
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Your supervisor’s name
    • Your Job title and Grade level
    • Why you left
    • Your final salary
  • You may already have this information in your resume, if you are uncertain of the dates or any other details call your old place of business.
  • If you had periods of unemployment, be sure to enter those to fill in any gaps, and complete all required fields with your home information. DO NOT LEAVE ANY EMPTY DATES!
  • Enter the most recent job first and be sure to put them in order of most recent to the job you were working at the beginning of the five year period.

If you have a resume, have it handy for the Employment section. You may also want to get it updated and ready to upload at the end of the profile process.

Education/Training Preparation

List any education or training you have completed. Be sure to indicate any diplomas, or certificates issued by an educational institution. There is a description field where you can add details. Again, your resume may come in handy at this time.

This is the information you will need to complete this section about the Education and Training you have taken:

  • Education institution
  • Dates you attended: Start Date and End Date
  • Address
  • Education Type – Four-year school, University, Technical or Vocational school
  • Education Level – Indicate the type of diploma or certificate you earned
  • Field of Education – Select the type of specialization or leave blank
  • Highest Degree/Certification you achieved
  • Description – Highlight any skills or experience you may have that make you stand out from other applicants. This is an open field so use it to brag about what you learned

Be sure to add your high school diploma as this is a requirement of the USPS, if you are age 16 or 17. A high school degree is not required if you are 18 or older.

STEP 1: Begin USPS Profile completion

Once you have been through the exam review and prepared your answers for the Work Experience and Education/Training sections you are ready to start. Once you have created your profile, it can be used going forward to apply for any jobs with the USPS.

Control/click, or copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://about.usps.com/careers/search-apply/welcome.htm

This will take you the USPS careers splash page How to apply/The USPS application process.

Click on under Create profile & apply, then click on  , which brings up a pop-up that suggests you use a desktop computer or laptop, if you don’t have one consider taking all your information to your local library to complete the application. Not only do they have computers for you to use, but you will have a relatively quiet secluded place to complete the Profile set up process. If you don’t get a pop-up, you will need to allow pop-ups on your computer.

Click on .

Please note that if a field has a red star next to the description for the field that it is a REQUIRED field. If there is no red star it does not have to be filled in.

For example, on the Registration and Login page, the First Name field is optional, but the Last Name field is required.

Again we do not show the screens here, but we list out the fields you need to complete, as well as any tips that may be helpful, be sure to reference them as you go through the process.

STEP 2: Registration and Login

On the Registration and Login page complete the following:


  • First Name (Optional)
  • Last Name (Requierd)

User Data – these are all required fields, going forward we will only note if a field is optional of not.

  • User Name – this field can be anything you want, but something memorable is best.
  • Password – this field needs to be at least 15 characters
  • Repeat Password – Hopefully you have written this down, so you don’t forget it.
  • Email – this is very important, as this is how the USPS contacts you to let you know about exams you need to complete or any other information they may need to give you or requests from you.
  • Repeat Email – it’s so important they want to be sure you got it right the first time (and that you are not robot).

Be sure to write these fields down as you will need it to log in in the future! Of course there is a forgot password option.

Once completed click on the button at the bottom to go to the next page.

STEP 3: Personal Data

Complete the following:

What is your personal data and how can we contact you?

  • Form of address – optional, a drop down to choose Mr. Mrs. Ms.
  • First Name – this time it is a required field
  • Middle Name – not required
  • Last Name
  • Suffix – optional, a drop down to choose Jr. Sr. III
  • Birthplace – city, state, and country

Residence Address

  • Street/House Number – be sure to put the complete address
  • Street/House Number 2 – optional, use this for apartment numbers or other residence indicators
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code – there is a button that will give you the zip code if you don’t know. Afterall this is the USPS you are applying for.
  • Email – enter the one you used to register for consistency

Primary Phone

  • Primary Phone – enter with the following format: 123-456-7890.
    If you only have one phone, enter it into the Primary Phone number and N/A for the ones you don’t have.
  • Business Phone
  • Mobile Phone

Which telephone number would you prefer us to use to contact you?

  • Preferred Telephone Number – drop down to choose Primary Phone, Business Phone, Mobile Phone.

Once completed click on the button at the TOP of the page.

STEP 4: Work Experience

Have the information handy that you prepared in the Introduction of this Module to complete this section.

There are Yes or No work experience questions, the first question will bring up the questions about the jobs you have held in the last five years:

  1. We are interested in your work history. Have you been employed in the past five (5) years?
    (You may count military service, internship(s), and part time or full time volunteer work as part of your work history.)

If you click Yes for question 1 you will be asked to Add your work history for the past 5 years.

“Please provide your work history. Select the  button for each period of work experience to provide a history of your employment starting with your present position and working back 5 years (even if this was before your 16th birthday). Make sure you cover 5 years of work history, without data gaps. For any period of unemployment include an entry with “Unemployed” as the company name.”

Hit Add to enter information and be sure to enter the most recent position first.

Complete the following questions for each of the jobs you have held in the past five years. Remember to NOT leave any gaps in time. You need to give details of what you have done in the last five years. This period covers the current month and year and goes back five years to the same month. So, if today’s date is July 12, 2022, you must report from July 2017 to July 2022.

If you have gaps in your work history for any reason, you must also include this period in your employment history. Click on the “Add New Job” button, enter the relevant dates for that period in the “Place of work” field, enter your status (unemployed, student, travelling, etc.) and answer “unemployed”, “not applicable” or “closest answer to my situation” to all questions.

What you enter shows up in its own line with another set of the same questions for your previous job.

Work Experience:

  1. We are interested in your work history. Have you been employed in the past five (5) years?
  • Employer – If unemployed, type Unemployed
  • Government Employment Type – click the drop down and select the most applicable
  • Check the check box if you are currently unemployed use your home address and information where applicable
  • Grade Level – This is an optional field and applicable for government jobs
  • Start Date (mm/yyyy) – Enter the month and year you started working for this employer. Remember dates are entered in the mm/yyyy format, so June 2020 would be entered as 06/20.
  • End Date – Enter the month and year you stopped working for this employer. If this is your most recent employer use today’s month and year as the end date even if you are still working.
  • Street Work Address
  • Street Work Address 2
  • Country – enter the country where you worked using the drop-down menu
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Supervisor Name – enter the name of your direct supervisor
  • Telephone Number – of the business
  • Reason for Leaving – Enter why you left this position as briefly as possible.
  • Current/Final Salary – Enter what you were paid when you left. You can enter the hourly rate, the monthly salary or annual salary. Just be sure to enter /hour, /month, or /year.
  • Functional area – choose the closest in the drop-down menu.
  • Job title – enter your last job title. If this is a period of unemployment, enter unemployed.
  • Were you a supervisor? – Check either the Yes or No circle
  • Description – Enter a brief description of your duties on the job, stick to those you did the most and those that were most important.

If the questionnaire is incomplete, it will NOT allow you to move on until all issues are resolved. Those questions left unanswered will be highlighted, so you can easily see what needs to be fixed. Sometimes, the questions off to the right are overlooked.

A line of information will appear under question 1 for each job you enter.

Once you have completed question number 1 about your employers you can move on and answer the following Yes or No questions:

  1. Are you a current United States Postal Service employee?
  2. Are you a former United States Postal Service employee?
  3. Are you a current or former federal employee (not including military or Postal Service)?
  4. May we contact your present employer about your character, qualifications, and employment record? A “No” will not affect your consideration for employment.
  5. Have you ever been fired from any job for any reason?
  6. Have you ever quit a job after being notified that you would be fired?

STEP 5: Education/Training

List all Educational institutions you attended since High School and be sure to enter your high school if you are under 18.

“Which courses of study have you completed?
List all the courses of study you have completed?”

Complete the following:

  • Education institution – enter the high school you attended first
  • Start Date (mm/yyyy) – for the high school you don’t need to enter this
  • End Date mm/yyyy) – enter the date you graduated
  • Address – enter if you know it
  • Country – enter from the drop-down menu
  • State – enter the state of your high school
  • City – enter the city of your high school
  • Education Type – Drop down to select one of the following: High School, Four-year school, University, Technical or Vocational school
  • Education Level – Indicate the type of diploma or certificate you were issued at graduation
  • Field of Education – Select the type of specialization or leave blank for High School
  • Highest Degree/Certification – check this only when you are indicating the highest degree you received.
  • Subject
  • Grade
  • Description

Once you hit Add the information entered will appear in a data line, you can add more educational information as appropriate. You can also edit the entries.

Be sure to add as much education/training as you have done and any certifications you have earned.

STEP 6: General Eligibility

Eligibility requirements to be hired by the USPS are:

  • You must be a United States citizen, permanent resident, or citizen of American Samoa or other U.S. territory.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and medical assessment.

Please answer the following questions to help determine your eligibility for employment with the US Postal Service.

  1. Are you one of the following: a United States Citizen, a lawful permanent resident alien, a citizen of American Samoa or any other territory owing allegiance to the United States?
    Individuals granted only asylum status, refugee status, or conditional permanent resident status are not eligible for Postal Service Employment.
    If you cannot answer yes to this question, you cannot be hired by the USPS.
  2. Do you receive or have you applied for retirement pay, pension, or other retirement pay based on military, postal, federal civilian, or district of Columbia Government service?
    If you worked in a government capacity before and are qualified to receive retirement benefits, you CAN still work for the USPS.
  3. Have you been awarded a contract with or do you work for a contractor of the US Postal Service?
    This should not exclude you from applying for a position, but the USPS wants to know this.
  4. Are you a male born after December 31, 1959? (Males born after December 31, 1959 must be registered with the Selective Service System.)
    If you are not registered, you can register at your local post office
  5. Are you a current user of ANY illegal drugs, which includes drugs whose use is illegal unless they have been prescribed by a physician?
    (Note: The Postal Service applies federal law to determine whether drug use is illegal, even if a state or local law permits such use. Under federal law, marijuana is illegal, even if prescribed by a physician.)
    A drug test will be conducted to confirm this.
  6. Does the Postal Service employ any relatives of yours by blood or by marriage?
    Relatives can work together at the same post office, but if they are in a hiring position the next level of supervisor will make the hiring decision

STEP 7: Veterans Page

By law, veterans who are disabled or who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during certain specified time periods or in military campaigns are entitled to preference over others in hiring from competitive lists of eligible candidates.

Note: If you are claiming veterans’ preference or served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces you must attach supporting documentation at the time of application submission.

Veterans’ Preference and United States Military Service – All applicans must answer all parts.

  1. Have you ever served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces? (Exclude tours of active duty for training as a reservist.
    Note: if yes, attach DO Form(s) 214 for each period of active duty.
  2. Have you ever been discharged from the armed forces under conditions other than honorable (i.e. Dishonorable, Other than Honorable, Undesirable, Bad Conduct, General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions)? You may omit any such discharge changed to Honorable by a Discharge Review Board or similar authority.
    If you answer yes, you will be given the opportunity to enter details of the discharge, but generally dishonorable discharges can disqualify you from working at the USPS.
  3. Do you claim 5-point preference based on active duty in the armed forces?
    Note: If you claim 5 point preference and do not attach DD Form 214(a) as supporting documentation, the additional 5 points cannot be credited.
    Veterans who served during a war get 5 points added to their score.
  4. Do you claim a 10-point preference?
    You may not claim both a 5 point and 10 point Veterans’ Preference.
    If you are applying for a 10-point preference, you must select the type of preference you are claiming from the drop-down list and submit a completed Standard Form 15, Application for 10-Point Preference for Veterans, along with the certification required for this form.
    Veterans who have a service disability have 10 points added to their score.
  5. Do you claim Sole Survivorship preference?
    Note: If yes, attach DO Form(s) 214 for each period of active duty.
    Spouses, widows, widowers, or mothers of veterans are eligible for 10 points. This type of preference is based on service of a veteran who is not able to use the preference through unemployment or death.

STEP 8: Attachments


Do you want to supplement your data by adding attachments?

If the vacancy announcement requests supporting documents, please attach them here. If an attachment is not specifically requested, it may not be considered. If attaching requested military documentation, please attach it under the Veterans Preference Tab.

Note Uploaded documents must be less that 2MB and any of the following document file extensions: .doc, .txt, .pdf, .htm, .tif, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, and .xls

This page is optional. It is only necessary if the job you are applying for requires supporting documents. No attachments are required for elementary jobs.

However, it can also be used for attachments that are not compulsory but may be useful for employment such as a resume.

There are some requested attachments for veterans such as the DO form 214 (official notice of discharge from service).

If you have documentation with a date of discharge from the Reserve but have not received a DO form 214, The previous document must be attached here. This is not an explicit requirement, but it is important when considering a formal resignation. And if you are applying for a veteran’s preference.

DO Form(s) 214

Note: If the attachment is not in an acceptable format listed on this page, please convert the document to Portable Document Format (PDF), which is an electronic image of the document.

Open the file on your computer.

Then right-click on the file.

You will be prompted to save the file with a specific name and to choose a file type.

If you specify the file name and location and select the PDF format, you will be able to upload the PDF file to this plugin.

Once you have entered the required information, click “Next page” to continue.

STEP 9: Assessments

The Assessments page displays the candidate’s ID number, and his/her scores and test results once the exams have been completed.

Immediately below the candidate’s ID number is a link to a history of previous grades and/or tests.

Note: Ratings are not available on this page or in other parts of the profile. This page is only intended to store information about assessments (e.g. completed assessments, ongoing assessments, assessment dates, and assessment results). If you have not taken an exam previously nothing will show up here.

STEP 10: Review and Release

On the Review and Release page, you will be asked the question “Would you like to be considered for this vacancy?”

At this point, check

You can also print off your profile here for your records if you wish.

Although it may seem like you have just filled out an online application form, this is not the case. Remember that you have just completed your eCareers profile, which is separate from the application form.

Module 4 will show you how to find a job and complete the application, using the tab.

To reenter the site


Click on in the upper right corner of the webpage and Continue in the pop-up.

You will be told if your candidate Profile has been released and have the option to go to the review page and release it. We suggest that you not do that until you have had a chance to search for a job.

Click on to get to the Profile

Click on to be able to quickly navigate through your profile and click on the section you want to review:

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